Thumb Punks 01.07.21


Happy Thursday! Hope you had a great holidays! There was a ton of fabulous stuff posted during the festive season, and this week’s email aims to capture most of it, from unreleased games and hardware finally seeing the light of day, to more Miyamoto than we (probably) deserve. Let me know if there’s more of anything you want to see!

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The History of Super Mario Bros. 2 World Records (Summoning Salt, 48 minutes)

Kicking off in 2005, the internet tried to complete Super Mario Bros. 2 in the fastest time possible. This comprehensive vid lays out how they tried to do it. Mario 2 will never look the same again.

WorkBoy: Lost Game Boy Add-on FOUND After 28 Years (DidYouKnowGaming?, 28 minutes)

The WorkBoy was an early 90s keyboard attachment for the Game Boy that was going to turn it into a personal computer – except it vanished. 30 years later, a journalist tries to track one down, with twists and thrills aplenty. As an added bonus, DYKG delves into the stories behind some of the N64’s stinkers in this video.

I dumped a one of a kind Mystery SEGA Genesis Cartridge (Modern Vintage Gamer, 11 minutes)

After MVG receives a mysterious Sega Genesis cartridge called “Visitor”, he shows how he gets to the bottom of its contents. He also takes a look at the LensLock, a decidedly consumer-unfriendly 80s anti-piracy device.

Paprium for the Sega Genesis and Mega Drive – REVIEW! (Game Sack, 27 minutes)

It came out after all! Paprium, a striking new beat-em-up for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, is put through its paces by Joe. He also reviews the Sega Astro City Mini system and shows off a raft of criminally overlooked games.


Nox Archaist, the long-waited Apple II RPG, is out now. Grab it digitally, as a box set, or a super-duper collector's edition here.



The Brilliant 16-Bit JRPG About The Death And Rebirth Of The World (Kotaku, 15 minutes)

This is a fantastic piece of writing that manages to mash Terranigma with Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey.

Long-forgotten PS1 Net Yaroze game Magic Castle comes out over 20 years later (Eurogamer, 3 minutes)

After a tease during the summer, unreleased Net Yaroze title Magic Castle has come out, and it looks great – in many ways up to the standard of commercially released titles.

Dreams Come True: Sonic 1 (MD) Prototype (Hidden Palace, 26 minutes)

The holy grail for the Sonic community, a prototype of the first game has been found. Hidden Palace reveal how that happened.

Retro Revisited: Avenging Spirit (Vintage is the New Old, 7 minutes)

Arcade possess-em-up Avenging Spirit has a unique concept and gameplay, and could be a minor Hidden Gem. Vintage is the New Old look back at the game.


New ZX Spectrum adventure Neadeital, influenced by Tir-Na-Nog and Dun Darach, is out now. Download a digital copy here.



Lunar: Eternal Blue Unworked patch (Sega CD)

A new patch for the Sega CD’s Lunar: Eternal Blue retains the English translation while rolling back the controversial gameplay changes made when it was ported to the West.

Final Fantasy IV – Ultima (SNES)

Adding more features than you can shake a sword at, 8-Bit Fan’s Final Fantasy II patch is the ‘deluxe’ version of the game many have been waiting for.

Gurren Lagann Patch Release! (Nintendo DS)

The Phantom Patches crew have released an English patch for Gurren Lagaan, a visual novel/3D mech brawler that looks all kinds of awesome.

Petris (GBC/GBA)

Petris is a Tetris variant where you try and build animals, available to play online or as a rom to play on original Game Boy Color/Game Boy Advance hardware.


This wooden Nintendo merch is eye-poppingly gorgeous. Check it out.



Super Nintendo World - Official Tour with Shigeru Miyamoto (IGN, 16 minutes)

Gaming’s happiest man, Shigeru Miyamoto, takes us on a whirlwind tour of the new Super Nintendo theme park. There’s now an official site with a virtual fly-through, and news that the park is coming to California, Florida, and Singapore. Woo-hoo!

First Look: The Simpsons: Bug Squad (Dreamcast) | Unreleased Tech Demo (DreamcasticChannel, 10 minutes)

Well, this came out of nowhere – an unreleased Simpsons tech demo where you terrorize Homer as a pesky bug.

Why Can't Chris Houlihan From The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Be Found? (GTV Japan, 17 minutes)

In the late 80s, Chris Houlihan won a Nintendo competition to have his name in A Link to the Past. Except maybe he didn’t. GTV Japan try to overturn the accepted truth of Zelda’s glitch room.

This New PS1 Emulator Is Insane! (ETA Prime, 13 minutes)

DuckStation can output PS1 games at 4K resolution, with all manner of filters, hacks, and jiggery pokery too. The results have to be seen to be believed, with some titles looking like early PS2 games.