Thumb Punks 02.18.21 - Smash Melee, Jurassic Park, GTA, & Zelda


Happy Thursday! In this week’s retro gaming round up, we’ve got Super Smash Bros. Melee, Jurassic Park, GTA, Zelda, and much, much, more!

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Super Smash Bros. Melee Mistakes (DidYouKnowGaming?, 12 minutes)

One of the finest fighters around, Melee is also home to some odd glitches and mistakes. DYKG give us the lowdown, and also look at some little known facts about beloved Gamecube titles.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is running on the PlayStation VITA (Modern Vintage Gamer, 10 minutes)

By creating a wrapper for the Android version and applying some other jiggery-pokery, modders have managed to get GTA San Andreas up and running on the Vita. There are a fair few steps to get it working, but you can read more about how they did it or watch a eulogy to the homebrew capabilities of the original Xbox while you wait.

My EVERDRIVE & Flash Cart Collection (MetalJesusRocks, 15 minutes)

It’s been a while since we bought a flash cart, and what this video demonstrates is they’re now available in a such a large number of varieties, even for fairly niche consoles and handhelds. MJR also shows us some stunning Toaplan reissue cartridges in a second video.

Obscure 3D Platformers 3 (Game Sack, 29 minutes)

Joe takes a look at a grab bag of lesser-known 3D platformers which widely vary in quality, as 3D platformers do. There’s some diamonds in the rough though, with the final game something of a hidden gem.

The Funkey-S is a tiny foldable gameboy-styled retrogaming handheld for your keychain, available for preorder now. Thanks to Sam for the tip!


In the ’80s, she was a video game pioneer. Today, no one can find her (Polygon, 8 minutes)

1982 Atari 2600 game Wabbit featured the first playable human female in the history of video games, and she was put there by a lady named Ban Tran. This is the story of women in the early stages of our medium, Wabbit, and the search to find Tran.

How The Legend of Zelda helped free us from arcade ports (Destructoid, 7 minutes)

Arcade games were all the rage on early consoles, until the Legend of Zelda was released for the NES. Destructoid delve into the technology that helped make that happen. Want more Zelda? They discuss the best bosses in the series here.

Milano no Arubaito Collection (Japanese Video Game Obscurity) (Hardcore Gaming 101, 3 minutes)

Developed by Westone of Monster World/Wonder Boy fame, Milano no Arubaito Collection sees you completing part-time jobs as the titular Milan. It’s a cutesy chill-out-em-up for the PS1 with incredible visuals.

Vexx puts the ex in excellent (Retronauts, 3 minutes)

Vexx is, today, a rare find – a double-A game with enough gameplay and charm to challenge the big boys. The PS2/Gamecube/Xbox era had a slew of such titles, but Vexx remains a standout.

Cult SNES beat’em-up Undercover Cops has been translated into English and is getting a physical release! Preorder today!


Gravibots (Sega Genesis)

A gravity-based puzzler from RetroSouls with visuals similar to Super Crate Box, Gravibots’ gameplay looks positively morish.

Tiny Quest (Commodore 64)

A very nice looking platformer for the C64, available on both cartridge, tape, and disk. Play as Mr Cube as he ventures to rejoin the love of his life.

Desolate (ZX Spectrum)

The Speccy gets a remake of a sci-fi adventure game that was originally released for the Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus calculator.

Albert (Atari XL/XE)

With some great graphics for the system, Albert is a high-quality Atari XL/XE title developed in Poland. Check out it’s very European art-style in this trailer.

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Nintendo Direct (Nintendo, various)

This week has been all about Nintendo’s big Direct event, and there’s good news for retro gamers who own a Switch. Feast your eyes on trailers of a forthcoming HD remaster of Skyward Sword, a Neo-Geo Pocket Color compilation, a Capcom one, and two remakes of Famicom Detective Club games, which first appeared on the Famicom Disk System way back when.

Mortal Kombat Trailer (Reddit, 2 minutes)

The kind folks over at Reddit are posting links to the new Mortal Kombat movie trailer, which dropped earlier this week. It looks… surprisingly half-decent? Color us excited.

Why Sega's Jurassic Park Game Isn't Very Good (Kim Justice, 29 minutes)

There are so many Jurassic Park games for the various 16 bit consoles, it’s difficult to keep up, but Sega’s was notable for looking and sounding great, but playing like hot garbage. This deep dive into the game and its forerunners and sequels is fascinating, and if you’re in the mood for more dino action, check out Friday Night Arcade’s look at Jurassic Park 2 for the SNES.

DOOM 2 made of CARDBOARD - Feat - John Romero (GAMES made of CARDBOARD, 11 minutes)

An outstanding achievement, someone has remade DOOM II gameplay in cardboard. Amazing.