Thumb Punks 02.25.21 - Dinosaur Planet, Monkey Island, Transformers, & Minecraft on the GBA?


Happy Thursday! In this week’s retro gaming round up we’ve got Dinosaur Planet, Monkey Island, Transformers, Minecraft on the GameBoy Advance, and much more!

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Playing Minecraft on a GameBoy (Elliot Coll, 7 minutes)

A new Minecraft clone, GBACraft, has been released for the GameBoy Advance. It’s impressive to see the core Minecraft gameplay on the handheld, even with limitations and some finicky controls.

Sega Classics Collection - PlayStation 2 Review (Sega Lord X, 19 minutes)

This is a weird one – a collection of 3D remakes of classic SEGA arcade games for the PlayStation 2. Receiving terrible reviews at the time, Sega Lord X re-evaluates the compilation and finds a few hidden gems amongst the dross.

Forgotten Games: Ushio to Tora (SNES drunk, 3 minutes)

Based on a Japanese manga, the Eastern version of Ushio to Tora for the Super Famicom is completely different to the Famicom release. It’s a boss rush where you take control of either a fast ninja or a slower, but more powerful, monster.

CAPCOM VS SNK - A MOVIE LENGTH DOCUMENTARY! (Top Hat Gaming Man, 72 minutes)

Top Hat Gaming Man takes a look at the history and games of Capcom and SNK’s collaborative one-on-one fighters in this feature length doc.

PayPal are holding up developer WaterMelon’s payments, meaning they can’t make any more copies of new Genesis game Paprium. Want to help out? Sign the petition!


I was a lead on Dinosaur Planet and this week’s leak brought back great memories (Video Games Chronicle, 7 minutes)

This week, a playable build of unreleased N64 adventure game Dinosaur Planet leaked on the internet. Name ring a bell? That’s because it eventually came out as Star Fox Adventures on the Gamecube. Lead designer Kev Bayliss give us the lowdown on the development of the game, along with some sweet concept art.

Spilling the secrets of the canceled Curse of Monkey Island movie (Polygon, 26 minutes)

The Pirates of Caribbean movie franchise is so similar to the Monkey Island games that you could be forgiven for thinking some ‘inspiration’ was taken. But did you know that an animated movie of The Curse of Monkey Island was in development, with Lucasfilm and Spielberg attached? Polygon go down the rabbit hole to investigate the twisted history of the cancelled film.

Phil Spencer and 17 more video game luminaries on Zelda's legendary impact (Inverse, 17 minutes)

The Zelda series is often cited as very influential, but we rarely hear from the developers whose work it has had an indelible impact on. In celebration of the series’ 35th anniversary, everyone from Phil Spencer down pitches in on how the series helped them make games today.

Transformers (Games That Weren’t, 5 minutes)

After creating Starwing/Star Fox, developer Argonaut released Super FX game Vortex, long thought to be a Transformers game sans licence. It wasn’t, and Games That Weren’t dig up a lot more information about the cancelled title featuring the Robots in Disguise.

New Nintendo documentary ‘Playing With Power’ debuts on Crackle on March 1st. Check out the trailer!


Lambda Wars (PC)

After 13 years in development, Lambda Wars (a mod of Alien Swarm) has finally been released. Set in the Half-Life 2 universe, it’s an RTS that promises lots of human vs Combine action.

Genesis Plus GX Wide now available for Libretro/RetroArch! (RetroArch)

Premier emulation suite RetroArch now supports widescreen for Genesis games, so it’s time to play your favorites all over again. While some titles have bugs, compatibility can only improve. Now you’re playing with power!

Race Drivin’ (SNES)

Crippled by a staggeringly poor framerate, Race Drivin’ didn’t receive the best reviews upon release. Now enterprising coder Victor Vilela has used the SA-1 chip to boost performance up to 30 fps, making the game much more playable.

OneLoad64 Games Collection v2 Now Released - 1001 unique games to play via Magic Desk CRT format (Commodore 64)

The C64 was fantastic, but the long loading screens weren’t. But never fear – a new 1001 game compilation boots titles in CRT (cartridge format), meaning you’re playing titles instantaneously.

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Footage of the first 10 minutes of cancelled Nintendo DS game Black & White has emerged online… A rare Sega R360 cabinet has been found rotting in a field. Oh, the humanity… A Twisted Metal TV series is in development, and a Frogger one too… Viz Media is publishing a book of English translations of Hideo Kojima’s essays in October… Capcom has removed the Rising Sun flag from Street Fighter II in Capcom Arcade Stadium… Ghost ‘n Goblins Resurrection is getting great reviews.

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