Thumb Punks 03.11.21 - TMNT, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Paper Mario, Ocarina of Time, & an Ode to Demo Discs


Happy Thursday! In this week’s retro gaming round up we’ve got a major TMNT announcement, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Paper Mario, Ocarina of Time, & an ode to demo discs!

A question for you: which retro game would you like to see get the remaster treatment next?

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BREAKING NEWS: DotEmu (developers of Streets of Rage 4) have announced a pixel-art follow-up to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Turtles in Time arcade games. Shredder’s Revenge comes out later this year for all major platforms, and it looks incredible.


A closer look at Street Fighter Alpha 2 on the Super Nintendo (Modern Vintage Gamer, 14 minutes)

Street Fighter 2 Alpha 2 (Zero in Japan) is a technical marvel: released at the end of the SNES’ life, the developers managed to squeeze 256MBs of arcade game into a 2MB cartridge. MVG breaks down how they did it, the weird reason for the pauses before fights, and how to unlock Akuma.

Dinosaur Planet - Inside Rare's Lost N64 Game + Star Fox Adventures Comparisons! (Digital Foundry, 29 minutes)

Digital Foundry compare and contrast the leaked Dinosaur Planet for the N64 with Star Fox Adventures, the game it ultimately became for the GameCube. Featuring an interview with designer Kevin Bayliss, they reveal the origins of using Fox McCloud instead of original hero Sabre.

The Satiator for Sega Saturn Review (Game Sack, 14 minutes)

The Satiator plugs into the back of a Sega Saturn and allows you to boot backups from CDs or from the included SD slot. Game Sack put it through its paces with some classic games and find only good things. Like what you see? Buy the Satiator here.

Games Sega Should Be Ashamed Of (Sega Lord X, 21 minutes)

They can’t all be winners, and Sega Lord X looks at some astonishingly bad SEGA games throughout history. You can’t unsee Barney’s Hide and Seek Game. On a more positive note, watch SNES drunk uncover some hidden gems for the SEGA CD.

The Sinden is a lightgun that works with LCD displays and your favourite emulators. Order now!


X-COM: UFO Defense Would Have Been Canned If Its Creators Hadn’t Secretly Revolted (Kotaku, 8 minutes)

Celebrated video game scribe David L. Craddock is putting together a book on the origins of the first X-COM. Kotaku have shared an exclusive chapter, with a second available via Ars Technica. Help fund the book on Kickstarter.

How to beat Paper Mario really fast by… playing Ocarina of Time? (Ars Technica, 4 minutes)

Using a “Stop n Swop” method, Rare had planned to create an innovative system where data from one game could affect another by swiftly changing the cartridges over. Owing to the feature being dropped from later revisions of the N64, it never came to pass, but now an exploit has been found where you can complete Paper Mario faster by swapping it out with Ocarina of Time. Madness!

The joy of treating demos like a finished game (Eurogamer, 10 minutes)

Ah, the humble demo disc. From the time you could only afford a couple of games a year, the CDs on the front of PlayStation Magazine and its ilk could keep you going for a whole month as you set your own rules and challenges. Read Eurogamer’s lovely ode to the format.

Zool arcade (Games That Weren’t, 8 minutes)

Zool was a standout platformer for the Amiga, but did you know an arcade version was planned in 1993? Games That Weren’t detail the history of the planned project, with magazine scans to boot.

Movie Going The Golden Eye is getting a sequel! 007-themed mockumentary about lovers of the N64 classic, Bringing Back Golden Eye, will be released later this year for free. Spy on the official poster!


Pubjumper Mario (C64)

An unofficial Mario game that was thought lost has been found! Pubjumper Mario was programmed by a local shop to capitalize on the lack of software for the C64 at the time. It’s similar to Popeye, with a large bouncer in Bluto’s role.

Pac-Land V1 (Amiga)

A rare prototype of the Pac-Land game for the Amiga has been found, with a lot of differences to the retail release, including different sprites, gameplay, ghosts, and the addition of piloted vehicles. The 5 levels are new, and you can play them today thanks to Games That Weren’t.

MicroProse Soccer (PC)

The forerunner to Sensible Soccer, 1988’s MicroProse Soccer for MS-DOS gets a new lease of life on PC via Steam.

Slow Mole (Beta) (NES)

Slow Mole is a hardcore platformer in the vein of Super Meat Boy or VVVVVV that looks very promising. We love the stop-motion trailer, too.

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Super Nintendo World will finally open on March 18th in Japan… a trailer for unreleased Dreamcast horror game If It Happen has been posted online… speaking of SEGA’s gray box, streamers have started micing up the console to record those lovely whirs and clicks over their gameplay footage… the new Bowser’s Ship Lego set looks phenomenal… a DOOM mod that gives enemies Mario legs is pure nightmare fuel… a pixel-art sequel to the SNES’ Pocky & Rocky is in the works. Pocky & Rocky Reshrined comes out later this year.