Thumb Punks 03.18.21 - Super Nintendo World, James Bond, TMNT, & Gaming Urban Legends Debunked


Happy Thursday! In this week’s retro gaming round up we’ve got Super Nintendo World, James Bond, TMNT, & gaming urban legends debunked!

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5 Infamous Gaming Urban Legends, DEBUNKED! (Larry Bundy Jr., 20 minutes)

Still thinks Bowser’s wife is called Clawdia? That Sonic was originally named Mr. Needlemouse? And Final Fantasy was meant to be Square Enix’s final game? These and other gaming urban legends are debunked in the latest video by Larry Bundy Jr.

New Games for Old Consoles 2 (Game Sack, 32 minutes)

From the NES to the Dreamcast, and from the Lynx to the Vita, Joe finds a new game for every retro console fan. Xenocrisis, Xenocider, and Pac-Man Championship Edition for the NES all look stellar.

How EA Broke Sega | The Story Behind EA's Yellow Tab Genesis Carts (Wrestling with Gaming, 14 minutes)

In the 80s, Nintendo and Sega had the monopoly on the manufacture and licensing of cartridges. That all changed when EA, then a small company, reverse engineered the process. Wrestling with Gaming break down how they changed the business forever.

The impressive 007 Gameboy RPG (minime, 13 minutes)

Of all the genres for a James Bond game, this is the strangest: a top-down RPG for the Game Boy/Color. And, praise the heavens, it’s actually very good, and the very definition of a hidden gem.

Cancelled GameBoy Color RPG Infinity is being resurrected and is headed to Kickstarter. Find out more here.


Super Nintendo World Launches! (VideoGamesChronicle, various)

A childhood dream for many, Nintendo launch their Super Nintendo-themed attraction today. VGC have a review, a gallery with all the photos, a guide to the food and drink on offer, a look at merch, a walkthrough on getting all 170 stamps, and a teaser for some forthcoming ‘DLC’. Phew. When do flights to Japan restart?

Clockwork Aquario Developers On The Restoration Of Westone's Lost Arcade Gem (NintendoLife, 17 minutes)

Designed by Wonder Boy creator Ryuichi Nishizawa, Clockwork Aquario is a lost arcade platformer from the early 90s that’s now seeing release courtesy of Strictly Limited Games. NintendoLife interview Nishizawa and the people who have helped make this conversion happen.

Why the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Games Were an Essential Part of ’90s Gaming (Den of Geek, 9 minutes)

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were inescapable in the late 80s and early 90s, and so were their video games. Following on with last week’s announcement of Shredder’s Revenge, Den of Geek look back at the games that defined many a childhood.

Throw down in Nintendo's own lost classic, Joy Mecha Fight (Destructoid, 6 minutes)

Joy Mecha Fight is a 1 on 1 fighter that came out perilously late in the Famicom’s lifespan. So perilously, in fact, that it was never released in the West. With Sukapon making a cameo in the Smash Bros series we can but hope that this hidden-gem-in-the-rough makes it Stateside.

The MemCard Pro lets you use SD cards for your PS1 saves, and backups your old memory cards via Wi-Fi. Check out the review!


Sodaman (PC)

Remember the (surprisingly good) Pepsiman game for the PlayStation? Someone has remade the whole thing in glorious HD for modern PCs. What’s your high score?

Trophy (NES)

Built from the ground up over 3 years, Trophy is a brand spanking new platformer for the NES with 9 levels and bosses, available as a download or a swanky complete-in-box cartridge.

Deus Ex Randomizer (PC)

Already a hit with streamers, Deus Ex Randomizer can complete change the game, offering a swords-only mode or ice physics (or, hey, maybe both?) among other variables.

Battle Kingdom (C64)

Battle Kingdom is a new action-adventure for the C64 that is reminiscent of classic Zelda. Featuring great graphics and sound, it’s also available as a physical copy.

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