🕹️Thumb Punks 04.01.21 - Mario, Zelda, A Lost PS1 Classic, & Weird Bootleg Games


Happy Thursday! In this week’s retro gaming round up we’ve got an amazing recreation of stage 1-1 from Super Mario Bros in 3D, Zelda, bootleg games, a look at demos and shareware, and a PS1 classic finally in English.

This weekend I’m hoping to play Vendetta, an arcade beat ‘em up from the 90s. What are you playing?

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BREAKING NEWS: The N64 Classic is coming, featuring classics from Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time, to GoldenEye 64 (!) and Sin & Punishment. Read the full announcement here!


I Made Super Mario Bros but it's 3D (CodyCantEatThis, 12 minutes)

Following on from recreating the first stage of Sonic The Hedgehog in three dimensions, CodyCantEatThis transforms level 1-1 into a 3D Mario level and shows you how he did it. So impressive, there’s not mushroom for improvement (sorry).

Bootleg Games (Game Sack, 34 minutes)

Joe takes us through the weird and wonderful bootleg games for retro systems. There are some absolute disasters, and some surprisingly solid titles worth tracking down.

Cereal Box Games! | A Retrospective (FrameRater, 25 minutes)

In the early 2000s, CDs became cheap enough to give away games in boxes of your favourite cereal. It’s a window into the ‘lost’ PC games of the era featuring some childhood icons.

The Girl Games Of Lost Media (Bobdunga, 78 minutes)

Don’t be put off by the runtime – this documentary tracking down the unreleased Mean Girls and Clueless games for the Nintendo DS is a must-see. Unfolding like a detective thriller, it highlights the roadblocks in trying to find lost media. Raven is a future YouTube superstar, the doc is expertly produced, and it’s worth watching even if you have no interest in the IP.

Cancelled GameBoy Color RPG Infinity is being resurrected and is headed to Kickstarter. Find out more here.


A History Of Shareware, Demos And Covertapes (Kotaku, 24 minutes)

This is a cracking read: an extensive look at the history of demos, from shareware releases on bulletin boards, to the cover tapes/CDs/DVDs in later years, and the downloadable teasers available today.

Wild Woody (Hardcore Gaming 101, 9 minutes)

Wild Woody is an interesting game, featuring stellar art and animation, a neat sketchbook mechanic, and music by future Guns’n’Roses guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal. Unfortunately, it’s mired by uninspired gameplay, grainy FMVs, and a very 90s sense of toilet humor. HG101 chart the highs and lows of a title that deserved a bit more love and attention from the developer.

The PSN 100: PSP (Retronauts, 12 minutes)

Retronauts take a look at the top PSP titles to download before they disappear forever from PSN (sob). We have fond memories of playing Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX and Hammerin’ Hero on the go. What are your favorite PSP memories?

Zelda: Four Swords Was Probably Great, But Finding Pals To Play With? Talk About A Master Quest (Destructoid, 9 minutes)

The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords for the GBA, GameCube, and DSiWare (if you were quick) has a great concept: find three mates and indulge in a romp through Hyrule. Tracking down a trio of friends was the hardest part however, as NintendoLife can attest.

The MemCard Pro lets you use SD cards for your PS1 saves, and backs up your old memory cards via Wi-Fi. Check out the review!


Mizzurna Falls (PS1)

After 20 years, cult PlayStation game Mizzurna Falls receives a full English patch so those in the West can see what all the fuss is about. Developed by Human Entertainment, it’s an adventure with Twin Peaks vibes.

Axelay (FastRom) (SNES)

Similar to the Super Castlevania IV patch from the few months back, the new FastRom version of Axelay allows the game to run much faster using some technical jiggery-pokery. For those unfamiliar with Axelay, it’s a shoot ‘em up par excellence for the SNES that promises hours of top notch blastin’ action.

King’s Valley (Commodore Amiga)

Originally a MSX game, this fantastic port to the Amiga was coded from the ground up in Blitz Basic. It’s a single screen arcade platformer, similar to something like Bubble Bobble, with bright graphics and a pumping soundtrack.

Castlevania HoD: Revenge of the Findesiecle USA (GameBoy Advance)

Previously only available in Japanese, now fans in the West can enjoy this new Castlevania adventure too, which features new characters and music to boot.

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  • Here’s a list of this week’s retro releases for the Switch, PS4, Steam, plus some sweet looking vinyl

  • Space Ace is now available for the iiRcade

  • The Nintendo 3DS is 10 years old. Lordy

  • A copy of Super Mario Bros for the NES is currently sitting at $310,000

  • The awesome looking Monstro Giganto for the C64 is available for pre-order

  • Shipments of the Analogue Pocket have been delayed until October

  • The Resident Evil movie, Welcome to Raccoon City, has been pushed back to November 24th

  • Wind Waker speedrunners have found a glitch that skips cutscenes

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