🕹️Thumb Punks 05.27.21 - Metal Gear, Mother, Zelda, TMNT, & Billy Mitchell


Happy Thursday! I’m excited about this week’s Metal Gear/Amiga 500 mashup, but it’s got me thinking: which retro game would you like remade for a different retro system? One idea I have is for the third TMNT arcade game to make the journey from NES to SNES.

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War Has Changed.”: Coding whizz h0ffman has ported the original MSX2 Metal Gear game to the Amiga. It works at both 50hz and 60hz, has enhanced music and FX, and a bunch of other neat features. Journey to Shadow Moses by clicking here.

Spinning Around: Everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog is getting a special 30th anniversary collection of his games for modern consoles. No word on which Sonic titles are included, but we hope Sonic Mania makes the cut. The trailer is certainly rousing stuff.

Xbox of Eggs: An Easter Egg in the original Xbox’s dashboard has been uncovered after 20 years. By renaming a soundtrack, you can access credits for the dash itself. If you want to try it yourself, Kotaku have full instructions. Another Easter Egg is waiting to be discovered - get cracking.

Mario 3D World: Scans of a Super Mario 64 Japanese guidebook have been unearthed, featuring cute handmade models and diaromas of some of the key locations in the game.

Keep on Runnin’: Limited Run games will showcase 25 of their forthcoming releases on June 14th. Read the full announcement, and silently pray that TMNT Shredder’s Revenge is among them.

Lakka A Lot: A RetroArch image for the Raspberry Pi, Lakka has hit version 3.0. It now supports JoyCons, updates RetroArch to 1.9.3, and adds a bunch of LibRetro cores. Get the full details at their website.

I Made The Legend of Zelda but it's 3D (CodyCantEatThis, 16 minutes)

We’ve covered Cody’s fabulous recreation of the first stage of Super Mario Bros. before, but now he turns his efforts to turning the whole overworld of the original Legend of Zelda into 3D. It’s a fascinating watch, as he details the obstacles he had to overcome. The results look a lot like cult fave 3D Dot Game Heroes, and it’s a shame we’ll never get a chance to play it.

The Biggest Conmen In Video Game History Strike Again! (Karl Jobst, 20 minutes)

Billy Mitchell was one of the subjects of retro gaming documentary King of Kong. To say he has ‘quite the reputation’ would be an understatement, but now he’s now suing people left, right, and center. Todd Rogers is lesser known but almost as litigious. If you loved King of Kong, this is a great opportunity to dive into the ensuing madness, and if you’ve never seen the doc, this is car crash viewing.

Why doesn't Toad's voice sound like it used to? (Thomas Game Docs, 15 minutes)

First speaking in 1994’s Wario Woods, Toad has had quite the variety of voices through the years. The story behind why is far more interesting than it may seem, with Thomas serving as a great host as we sort between the facts and fiction.

Matt's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Tournament Fighters Retrospective (Matt McMuscles, 23 minutes)

TMNT Tournament Fighters wasn’t that great on the Sega Genesis, but fared better on the Super Nintendo (and had a surprisingly decent outing on the NES). Matt takes a look at the different versions, modern patches and fan games, and the surprising fact that people are playing competitive tournaments online in 2021.

Giles Goddard AMA (Reddit, N/A)

With 30 years of experience of the Japanese games industry, and having made Star Fox with Miyamoto, worked on Super Mario 64, and made 1080 Snowboarding, you might think Giles Goddard has a story or two to tell. This AMA on Reddit is a must-read for fans of retro gaming.

When the arcade came home: a short oral history of the Neo Geo (Eurogamer, 14 minutes)

SNK’s home console was always tantalising out of reach when we were younger, lending it a certain amount of mystery. Catching up with the system’s key staff, Eurogamer casts light on the story behind the cult system.

The Story Of The Game Genie, The Cheat Device Nintendo Tried (And Failed) To Kill (NintendoLife, 35 minutes)

Now, this is a read: the tangled story of the 90’s most notorious cheat device. Advertised in the back of video game mags, the Game Genie had an irresistible seedy allure, but soon ran into trouble. Get the full lowdown from NintendoLife.

Tinkle Pit (Japanese Video Game Obscurity) (HG101, 4 minutes)

Tinkle Pit is pretty much unknown outside of Japan; a 1993 arcade release from Namco, it was never localised in the West. It’s a title that deserves more love, being a charming, colorful puzzler.

MOTHER Restored (NES, $FREE)

A romhack of the original MOTHER, Restored reverses the unnecessary changes and censorship evident in Earth Bound/Earthbound Beginnings, and adds a much more faithful script to boot.

Xenoblast (ZX Spectrum, $FREE)

Xenoblast is a space shmup for the ZX Spectrum. A physical version is also available. From the developer: “200 years into the future humans have peacefully colonised deep space. Things have taken a dark turn as recent xeno discoveries have turned hostile. News reaches HQ alien life forms have overtaken several human colonies in the outer region, and you are amongst the best pilots to repel their offensive.”


More love for the Speccy this week, with Zanklesoft’s Manic Miner-esque collect ‘em up. From the developer: “Alessandro played too much with his Spectrum and got trapped inside it! Will you be able to get him out of there?”

Zelda Kong I-IV (NES, $FREE)

Finally this week, we have a patch that adds a Zelda theme to classic Donkey Kong. Mario is now Link, Peach is now Zelda, Donkey Kong is now Ganon, and the barrels are now classic Zelda antagonists.

Quiz Time: Who was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters final boss?

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  • Sega have a big presentation about to go live on YouTube imminently

  • Monster World IV remake Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World is out now for PS4 and Switch. It’s getting very good reviews, and hits PC a little later, on June 29th

  • A UK-only ‘founder edition’ of the Evercade VS is available to buy from Funstock. Only 5% left at time of writing, mind

  • John Carmack is being interviewed as part of fundraiser for the Internet Archive. Tickets start at $25

  • A remake of PS2 classic Shin Megami Tensei III is getting great reviews. Titled Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster, it’s out now for PC, PS4, and Switch

  • The 1989 shmup Task Force Harrier is also available on Switch

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