🕹️Thumb Punks 06.03.21 - Demakes Galore, Shining Force, & Japanese GBC Games


Happy Thursday! Plenty of stuff about demakes this week, so a question – which modern game would you like to see demade for a retro system?

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E.T.Hey!: The Atari VCS launches Stateside on June 15th. Developed by Bluemouth Interactive, it retails for $299.99, or as a bundle with the Classic Joystick and Modern Controller for $399.99. The hybrid console features the Atari VCS Vault, containing 100 retro Atari games, Antstream Arcade compatibility, and access to Chrome and Google’s Workspace apps. It’s only available online via Best Buy, GameStop, Microcenter, and the official Atari VCS website, and order it at either of the latter two and you get a free copy of Missile Command: Recharged.

A ROM old time: The owner of Romuniverse has lost to Nintendo in court and been told to pay $2,115,000 in damages. Matthew Storman admitted to uploading files to the site and earned $30,000-$35,000 a year from charging premium access. And he may have got off lucky – the big N were seeking a whopping $15 million in restitution.

Piranha Plant: In more Ninty news, they will open a museum on the site of their old Uji Ogura Plant. The site, opened in 1969, was used for both customer service and repairs back in the day. There’s no word on an opening date, but stay tuned!

Smooth Moov…ie: Fans have released a re-edit of the maligned 1993 Super Mario Bros. movie, featuring deleted scenes. The new scenes were found on old VHS tapes and painstakingly restored. Watch the whole shebang here.

Demakes (Scott the Woz, 17 minutes)

Not too long ago, games for the major consoles of the time would receive demakes for older or handheld hardware. Sometimes these would be scaled down experiences, but often they would be brand new titles. Scott the Woz looks at some of the most famous (and infamous).

Reviewing Every Time Crisis Game (GmanLives, 57 minutes)

Good god, what we wouldn’t give for a working lightgun and a remasterd Time Crisis compilation. GmanLives takes a gander at the seminal blast-em-up series.

The Mortal Kombat Arcade Port you probably never played (Modern Vintage Gamer, 13 minutes)

The original Mortal Kombat had varying success on home systems, with a great looking (but bloodless) SNES port, or the gory (but with less impressive graphics) Genesis version. Tucked away on a plug-and-play device was a unique port, coded for the ground up, that puts both to shame.

N-Gage: Cell Phone Gaming's First Big Flop (Stop Skeletons From Fighting, 34 minutes)

Ah yes, the N-Gage: the taco phone, and the beginning of the end for Nokia. Gaffs aplenty in this video, as Derek runs down the history of the console (or is it a cellphone?) that was swiftly outclassed by its competitors.

FFScinating (Kimmi The Game-Eating She-Monster, 8 minutes)

Siren for the PS2 is a divisive game – exceptional in so many areas, and teeth-grindingly obtuse and frustrating in others. This article covers both sides and Kimmi’s personal journey with the title.

Apidya (HG101, 9 minutes)

1991 Amiga shoot-em-up Apidya has a strange history, claiming to be the sequel to a game that never existed. While not offering much new, it’s a remarkable hidden gem with a level of polish that few Amiga games reach.

Shining Force II – 1993 Developer Roundtable Interview (Shmuplations, 18 minutes)

Transcribed from the Megadrive Fan Attack Special book, the interviews with the developers behind classic Shining Force II sure are fascinating stuff. An essential read for fans.

More Than Just Pokémon - Japan’s Secret World Of Game Boy Color (NintendoLife, 7 minutes)

Where NintendoLife dive into the Game Boy Color games that never left Japan, including Shiren the Wanderer, Star Ocean: Blue Sphere, Sakura Wars GB, Samurai Kid, and more.

Megaman: Super - 16-bit Graphics Pack for Mesen (MESEN, $FREE)

“This project aims to bring Mega Man into 16-bit. 95% of the graphics are straight adaptations of the NES originals. The 2.0 release is here! It adds multi parallax backgrounds, animations, retouched graphics, remixed music, customization options like skins, and more!”

inding of BaasIc (ZX Spectrum, $FREE)

“inding of BaasIc is a "The Binding of Isaac" demake for spectrum 48k, etirely written in ZX Basic. The goal is to beat all bosses of all 8 levels. In order to achieve that you must explore the dungeon and if possible get as many powerups as you can. Dungeons are randomly created so each game will be different.”

Ninja Carnage Commodore 64, $FREE)

“Your mission, to help a Ninja kill the yakuza boss. But there are two problems. First, the Ninja is very “bad ass”. He has a very special sense of humour and he thinks you are a total loser. He is very irreverent. The second problem is that the final boss is hidden very deep in a temple and your trip will lead you through supernatural situations. The gameplay is die and retry, meaning that each error will lead the Ninja to death.”

King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella Retold (Windows/OSX/Linux, $FREE)

“"King's Quest IV Retold" is a point-and-click remake of the fourth chapter in Sierra's classic King's Quest series. The game's story picks up immediately where "King's Quest III: To Heir Is Human" left off. As King Graham tosses his adventurer's cap to his children, he suffers a massive heart attack and is left on his death bed. It is up to his daughter, Princess Rosella, to retrieve a rare magic fruit that can heal her father, as well as save the land of Tamir from the evil fairy Lolotte along the way.”

Quiz Time: In Ninja Gaiden (NES), what was the name of Ryu Hayabusa’s father?

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  • Benoît Sokal, creator of the Syberia series, has died after a battle with long-term illness. RIP

  • Spelunker HD Deluxe, an enhanced edition of Spelunker HD (which was a remake of the original Spelunker for the Atari) will be released later this year

  • An Ocarina of Time port for the PC is 80% complete. Can you smell DMCA?

  • The C256 Foenix Gen X is a brand new retro system with swappable modules. Looks interesting

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Quiz Answer: Ken.

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