🕹️Thumb Punks 07.08.21: TIE Fighter, Star Fox, & Video Games on Vinyl?


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Use The Force: TIE Fighter Total Conversion has been released and, my, it’s quite the looker. You’ll need the original version of X-Wing Alliance (available on GOG and Steam, and can then enjoy HD visuals! HOTAS support! New levels! A rearranged soundtrack! And, gosh dammit, even VR support!

Take This!: A sealed copy of the original Legend of Zelda is up for auction. Currently sitting pretty at $110,000, there’s 1 day left, so be quick. It’s an early production NES-R variant of the cart, similar to the earlier Super Mario Bros. find that went for a whopping $660,000.

In other auction antics, a Nintendo World Championship cartridge is going under the hammer. It’s in the best condition seen yet, graded at an 8.0, and bidding starts on the 9th.

Yee-hah!: Wild Gunman is a fondly remembered NES title, but few know it was preceded by an arcade game of the same name which used 16mm film instead of pixel art. Thought lost, “Critical Kate” Williams has managed to dig them up – check out the screenshots!

PS3-D?: Turns out the original PlayStation’s boot up logo was a 3D model all along!

Game Boy: When Boy Met Game (Scott the Woz, 26 minutes)

Scott runs down the history, games, and pluses and minuses of Nintendo’s beloved handheld.

DF Retro: Sony PlayStation Revisited - Every Launch Game Tested - Part 2: North America (Digital Foundry, 70 minutes)

All US launch games for the venerable PS1 are put through their paces by the Digital Foundry team. Nostalgia-rific!

Original Star Fox (SNES) Developer Reacts to 22 Minute Speedrun (IGN, 26 minutes)

Surly Star Fox programmer Giles Goddard watches an astounding speedrun of the game and give us the surprising lowdown on its development, character designs, and hangovers.

Video Capture Devices for Gaming (Game Sack, 37 minutes)

Today, there are a slew of capture devices for modern and retro systems alike. They vary in features and price, but which one is the best? Game Sack investigates.

Spin machines: the curious history of video games on vinyl (The Guardian, 10 minutes)

A flashback to an earlier time, when magazines included not CD-ROMs, not floppy discs, but flippin’ flexidiscs on the cover.

The Kirby manga was doing Kirby memes 25 years ago (Polygon, 7 minutes)

A brilliant look at Kirby’s tie in manga, with a nice selection of scans to gaze upon. To say the little pink puffball is different in comics than in the video games is an understatement!

More of the same, please (Kimimi The Game-Eating She-Monster, 7 minutes)

With a collection of remastered Advance Wars titles on the horizon, Kimimi shines a light upon the lesser-known Game Boy entry made, by of all people, Hudson.

Mario Golf’s Fun, But Battle Golfer Yui Blows Shit Up (Kotaku, 8 minutes)

Battle Golfer Yui is, of all things, a sci-fi part-visual novel, part-RPG, part (you guessed it) golf game for the Sega Mega Drive. Kotaku investigate the insanity.

Raiden (PS4/Switch, $7.99)

A standout 90s shoot-em-up, Raiden finally makes it to modern consoles as this week’s Arcade Archive release.

Slow Mole (NES, $FREE)

Brutal masacore platformer Slow Mole hits the NES. Controller-breakingly brilliant.

Project - Quest : Chapter I (Commodore Amiga, $FREE)

An 8-way scrolling top down fantasy shooter game with some fantastic visuals.

Lionheart Remake (Windows, Linux, Android)

Cult 1992 Amiga action platformer Lionheart has been brought up to date for modern systems.

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