🕹️Thumb Punks 07.29.21: Simpsons Arcade, Vendetta, & NES Zelda in 3D


Happy Thursday! This week we’ve got a tasty looking Simpsons cabinet, the original Legend of Zelda in 3D, a classic brawler hitting the Arcade Archives, and much, much more.

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Hi Diddly Ho: Pre-orders for 1UP’s The Simpsons arcade cabinet open on August 16th. The 5-foot, 100lb cab features four-player action and a trackball, thought to be for additional title The Simpsons Bowling.

Hadouken!: A rare Street Fighter II anime has been translated into English and released online. Hailing from 1995, Street Fighter II: Return to the Fujiwara Capital was put together for a conference in Nara celebrating Fujiwara. The 27-minute educational cartoon sees series favorites Ryu, Ken, E Honda, and Chun Li warping back 1300 years to tour the city and fill viewers in on its history.

Inception: The geniuses behind the Dolphin emulator have added a GBA emulator to the program. Superior to previous methods, it allows you to enjoy the connectivity between the two consoles from one screen.

Hmmm: Want to invest in collectible video games but don’t have a spare $1.56 million down the back of the couch? Otis now lets you buy shares in some of the rarest titles. This is proving a contentious issue for some – what do you think?

Petition Time: Original composer Miyoko Takaoka (née Kobayashi) and artist Kamui Fujiwara have launched a petition to re-release Terranigma for modern systems, something we’d love to see. Crushingly, it currently sits at 0 signatures. You know what to do!

Off the Grid: Picross S Genesis & Master System Edition is released on the Nintendo Switch on August 5th. It features 480 puzzles that you can play solo or with a friend, and a slew of SEGA’s best loved characters (as well as a few lesser known classics).

I Made The Legend of Zelda Boss Fights but they’re 3D (CodyCantEatThis, 14 minutes)

Following on from his previous video on making the overworld of Legend of Zelda in 3D, Cody turns his attention to the dungeons and boss fights, with startling results.

American McGee's Alice Review - And Its Sequel (GmanLives, 26 minutes)

2000’s American McGee’s Alice was a dark retelling of the fairy-tale with an aesthetic that is striking even today. But how does the game hold up? GmanLives investigates.

Cool Spot: The 7 Up SNES Game You Didn’t Ask For (The Completionist, 18 minutes)

Gerard takes a look at a 16-bit platformer that is remembered by many for its art-style and corporate tie-in. But is it a hidden gem in 2021?

The Nintendo game rated 18+ (Thomas Game Docs, 7 minutes)

Never would we think there’d be a link between the Miis and Vladimir Putin, but here we are, the story of Nintendo’s adult-only game.

How a young Iraqi programmer tried to adapt Gilgamesh, the oldest surviving hero story (Eurogamer, 23 minutes)

Gilgamesh is a hero from Mesopotamian mythology whose story laid the groundwork for some of your favorite stories. Auday Hussein made it his mission to use the fable for an Amiga game. This is his story.

Blake Stone was the best FPS until Doom released a week later (Destructoid, 6 minutes)

1993’s Blake Stone for MS-DOS is an unsung classic; a groundbreaking FPS that was overshadowed by the release of DOOM a week later. Destructoid take a look at this unsung hidden gem.

When two very different genres collide… (Kimimi The Game-Eating She-Monster, 8 minutes)

2000’s Aconcagua for the PlayStation is a hidden gem that has slipped under the radar. A mash-up of action adventure and point-and-click, it was released in Japan but, although an English-language version was in development, never made it to the West. Sadly, a translation patch has not yet appeared.

Aoi Blink (HG101, 7 minutes)

Inspired by an anime produced by Tezuka Productions in 1989, 1990’s Aoi Blink is a platformer similar to the Wonder Boy franchise. Despite some drawbacks, it’s a solid TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine title, as HG101 find.

Vendetta (Switch/PS4, $7.99)

Konami’s excellent 1991 beat-em-up hits Arcade Archives. You know the score: take down street thugs on your way to the big kahuna. Purists should note that some of the more risque characters have been removed from this release.

Plekthora (C64, $FREE)

“Classic horizontal space themed shooter for the Commodore-64. Features three different and upgradeable weapons, couch coop and 20 levels of simple shooting pleasure.”

Nu, Pogodi! (Plus/4, $FREE)

A port of a knock-off Game & Watch that promises hours of retro fun. As a wolf, you must collect the eggs before they hit the ground.

Lady Pac (C64, $FREE)

“Lady Pac is a maze game for the Commodore 64. It is a homage to Ms. Pac-Man, an

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  • The Museum of Pinball is closing. The Banning, CA arcade will be auctioning off their collection of over 1000 pinball and video game machines

  • These SNES Pokemon Red and Blue cartridges are beautiful – and have Link Ports, to boot

  • Scientists have created a robot that can play Super Mario Bros. The robot takeover begins

  • If you need more proof, this robot set a world record by creating a Super Mario mural out of 102,600 dominoes in less than 24 hours

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