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Happy Thursday! This week features a must-see video on the spike in retro gaming auction prices. If it’s true, expect to here a lot more about it in the near-future.

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That’s Entertainment: The Super Nintendo celebrated 30 years since its North American launch. It went on to sell 23.35 million copies in the area. Uproxx have surveyed retro gamers to find the most beloved titles for the system, but the list is somewhat contentious. What’s your favorite game for the machine?

Techtonic: A remaster of Quake has unexpectedly hit all major consoles this week. Timed to coincide with the series’ 25th anniversary, it features enhanced visuals, online and splitscreen multiplayer, the official expansions Scourge of Armagon and Dissolution of Eternity, and two extra packs by Machine Games: Dimensions of the Past and the brand-new Dimension of the Machine.

Multi Screen: A rare Game & Watch sold for just over $9,000. Listed on Yahoo! Auctions in Japan, the handheld is a variant of Donkey Kong specially commissioned by Gunpei Yokoi to commemorate the handhelds selling 20 million units, and has some funky case art.

Spin Me Round: The first GD-I prototype of Propeller Arena has been unearthed. Developed by Sega AM-2, the aerial combat game features 8 environments (plus 2 secret areas tucked away) and 8 pilots. There’s more info (and a link to the GD-I to try yourself) here.

Knock Your Blocks: It’s taken 12 years, but Swedish duo Rymdreglage have released a sequel to their legendary 8-Bit Trip. Anyone who knows me knows that Lego is my middle name, and the video features hundreds of the blocks in stop motion animation, recreating characters and scenes from classic games. It looks incredible.

Dig-Rug(rats): Arcade1UP have announced a Jr. line of arcade cabinets, aimed at kids 4-8. Jr. Pac-Man features Pac-Man, Dig Dug, and Galaga and is released on October 15th. Paw Patrol features Paw Patrol on a Roll, Paw Patrol Off Duty, and Chase is in the Race, and is out November 15th. While retaining the high-quality components available in the adult versions, these smaller cabs have larger buttons and joysticks.

Exposing FRAUD And DECEPTION In The Retro Video Game Market (Karl Jobst, 53 minutes)

THE video of the week, and, boy, is it causing quite the controversy. Jobst delves into the facts behind those massive video game auctions, and finds a conspiracy greater than anyone could have imagined. Must-watch stuff, and if half what he unearths is true, some people are going to be in very big trouble. For their part, those involved have denied any wrong doing. Who’s telling the truth? You decide!

How I Remade The Simpsons Hit and Run in a Week (reubs, 13 minutes)

A PS2 classic that still has a fervent fanbase today, reubs lays out how he remade Hit and Run in HD, including pulling the files from the original disc, remastering the art using AI, coding the quests, and much more. Quite the achievement.

The History of Super Mario 64 16 Star World Records (Summoning Salt, 51 minutes)

The 16 star challenge involves collecting 16 shiny pointy things (down from the required 70) and using glitches to get to the final battle with Bowser in world record time. This video shows how those intrepid souls did it.

When French video games were "weird" (Polygon, 14 minutes)

Distinctly NSFW, Polygon look at the early French adventure games that never made it into English. Thanks to Sarah-Mary for the suggestion!

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The Inside Story Of Mockumentary Sequel 'Bringing Back Golden Eye' (NintendoLife, 17 minutes)

2017’s Going for Golden Eye came out of nowhere; a fan-made film only ever expected to be seen by a few people, it soon became a cult classic among knowing gamers. The sequel is upping the ante, with professional actors and crew. Centered around a fictitious Golden Eye tournament, it premiered on YouTube yesterday.

Karate Kid for the NES is not the best around (Destructoid, 4 minutes)

A seminal movie series, the Karate Kid sadly never hit the same heights in video games. Destructoid look at the NES version.

Final Fantasy X – 2001 Developer Interviews (Shmuplations, 27 minutes)

Reprinted from a special edition of V-Jump magazine, this interview shines light on the art and design of the PS2 RPG.

Bob Harris and the Secret of the Killer Bees (Games That Weren’t, 25 minutes)

A classic interview that has been restored by GTW. Features unreleased games, the Odyssey2, and much more.

Quiz Time: Toasty! What’s the name of the man who utters the immortal phrase in Mortal Kombat II?

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Vandyke (PS4/Switch, $7.99)

Vandyke is a 1990 vertically-scrolling fantasy action game; think Mercs by way of Conan The Barbarian. It’s no hidden gem, but a good silly macho romp to pass an afternoon.

Zool Redimensioned (PC, $9.99)

The venerable Amiga platforming classic comes to Steam, courtesy of remaster experts Sumo Digital. It features HD visuals, 60fps, a new double-jump, and fresh modes.

Gates of the Ancient (C64, $FREE)

Do you like Elite? Then you’ll love Gates of the Ancient, which offers “full polygon 3D exploration, battle and looting on your trusty old C64.”

Inca Man (Amiga OCS, 12.00€)

With stunning visuals and a banging soundtrack, this Amiga collect-em-up/platformer is worth a look. “Collect lots of diamonds to complete the level, and if you're lucky enough to avoid the nasties, can collect extra bonuses such as stopping time or armor to help you along the way!”

  • Turns out you’ve been using your Virtual Boy stand all wrong

  • The Final Fantasy 4 pixel remaster hits Steam on September 8th

  • The iiRcade will soon be receiving Taito classics The Legend of Kage, The New Zealand Story, Arabian Magic, Thunder Fox, and The Ninja Kids

  • New Game Boy title The Shapeshifter will come across two cartridges

  • The Tales of Symphonia soundtrack is out on vinyl and cassette

  • The World Before, the fourth chapter in the Syberia series, is out on PC on December 10th for $49.99

  • Street Fighter II doc Here Come A New Challenger was fully-funded on Kickstarter and has a swanky new trailer

  • Speaking of documentaries, Lemmings 30th: Can You Dig It? is released later this year

  • A new prototype of Turok3 for the N64 has been released, with lots more content to explore

  • Quake II RTX is free in GOG

  • Nintendo design and brand director Lance Barr has left the big N after four decades. He was responsible for designing the North American NES and SNES, and also worked on the NES Zapper, NES Advantage, NES Max, and Wii Nunchuck

  • The Atari Lynx is getting four new games! Raid on TriCity, Asteroid Chasers, Cyber Virus – Lost Missions, and Unnamed will all get a physical release

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(Image Credit: Nintendo Game Girl by TheThirteenSins)