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After reading the article on MiSTer, I’m wondering – do you prefer software or hardware emulation, and what’s your setup?

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GB-Yay!: A Kickstarter for the first commercial Game Boy Advance game in 13 (!) years has smashed its target in less than 24 hours. Goodbye Galaxy is described as "kind of like Cave Story, or a cuter Metroid". Sign us up! Asking for just £18,000 (approximately $25,000), the developers have bagged over £116,000 ($160,000). The game will be released on physical carts soon, with a digital Switch and PC release afterwards. Want to see what the fuss is all about? Try the demo!

And Beyond!: In more handheld headlines, Yuzo Koshiro, composer of tunes for Street of Rage and Etrian Odyssey, will be supplying the soundtrack for Infinity. The fully-crowdfunded Game Boy Color title is finally seeing the light of day after being canceled by Affinix Software in 2001. Fancy grabbing a piece of the action? The Kickstarter still has 13 days to go !

GB-Yay! (#2): And there’s further handheld hijinks a plenty, as it has been reported that Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles will soon be making their debut on the Switch via Nintendo’s eShop. That console just gets better for retro gamers!

Sagaga: Square Enix are bringing the Collection of SaGa Final Fantasy Legend to PC, iOS, and Android. The three-game compilation released for the Switch last December, and contains Game Boy classics Final Fantasy Legend I, II, and III. Look out for it on mobile on September 22, with PC players having to wait until October 21.

Piko-Chew: Lost 90s classics Jim Power: The Lost Dimension and Stone Protectors are being rereleased as physical cartridges. Retro wizards Piko Interactive are putting them out as both SNES and Mega Drive cartridges, with Jim Power also seeing a NES release. Pre-orders are open now!

Kept You Waiting, huh?: GOG has added support for modern controllers to a slew of classic titles. They include Metal Gear, Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance, Silent Hill 4: The Room, and the Konami Collector’s Series: Castlevania & Contra. Never a better time to get playing!

Billy Mitchell Gets DESTROYED By Judge! (Karl Jobst, 17 minutes)

This is morbidly fascinating – infamous retro gaming antagonist Billy Mitchell using every trick in the book to try to win a case against Twin Galaxies. The judge is having none of it.

How did this SEGA Genesis Game achieve the "Impossible"? (Coding Secrets, 8 minutes)

The Adventures of Batman & Robin for the Sega Genesis looks so good, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a Saturn game. This look behind the scenes shows how developer Clockwork Tortoise pulled off the impossible.

Don't Touch: The Story of the U-Force (Gaming Historian, 38 minutes)

A lesser-known NES peripheral, the U-Force was a pioneering touch pad game controller. This is its story.

Rail Shooters on Inappropriate Systems (Nostalgia Nerd, 21 minutes)

Some of our best memories are playing light-gun games at our local arcade, but they never quite translated to consoles of the time. Nostalgia Nerd take a look at the good, the bad, and the plain weird home conversions.

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The emotional roller coaster of retro gaming magazine collecting (Polygon, 10 minutes)

Polygon have released a bunch of retro gaming articles this week , but this may be the best – a delve into the often overlooked world of retro gaming magazine collecting.

Akira SNES Game Design Document (Paulie Hughes, unknown)

This is quite the find: designer Paulie Hughes has released the entire game design document for the unreleased SNES Akira game, with a prototype only appearing last year. A rare peek behind the curtain of retro game development.

Arctic Adventure (Harry McCracken, 12 minutes)

Developer Harry McCracken has finished his lost 1981 TRS-80 game, Arctic Adventure. Here he chronicles the story of the adventure game, and you can even play it directly in your browser.

And Now, The Ultimate Retro Gaming Device (Kotaku, 15 minutes)

Kotaku take a deep dive into MiSTer, the FPGA emulation station. Is hardware emulation right for you?

Quiz Time: Who was the head honcho of E.V.I.L. Inc in the first Virtua Cop?

Answer at the end of this email!

Space Cruiser (PS4/Switch, $7.99)

Konami shmup Space Cruiser is this week’s Arcade Archives release. Released in 1981, it’s a vertically-scrolling 8-bit blaster sure to bring a tear to the eyes of aficionados.

Ambermoon (PC/Mac, $FREE)

Cult Amiga RPG Ambermoon has been remastered and updated for modern machines. Released in 1993, it was the second in a planned trilogy, and the sequel to 1992’s Amberstar.

Galaxy Fraulein Yuna (English Translation) (PC-Engine/TG-16, $FREE)

Also known as Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna, this visual novel/digicomic finally receives a full English patch. Released in Japan in 1992, it was created by Hudson Soft and features a cameo by Bomberman.

Tardigrade (ZX Spectrum, $FREE)

Tardigrade is old school arcade action with vector movement for the 16K ZX-Spectrum.

Quiz Answer: Joe Fang.

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