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Happy Thursday! In this week’s retro gaming newsletter we’ve got a shedload of Nintendo, some choice romhacks, and a crazy Sonic The Hedgehog challenge.

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How The NES Conquered A Sceptical America In 1985 (Ars Technica, 27 minutes)

A fresh take on the tale of Nintendo’s victory in the 80s, with input from Gail Tilden, the marketing mind behind the US launch. Including rare archive footage, you haven’t heard the story quite like this.

Nintendo Game & Watch History (Nintendo Life, 14 minutes)

Right on time for Nintendo’s new Mario Game & Watch, this documentary takes a look back at the original handheld sensations.

The Story of Mega Man on DOS (Gaming Historian, 23 minutes)

Mega Man on DOS? It’s news to us, too, but this thoroughly researched doc gives the lowdown on the unexpected twists and turns, and the unique games that never appeared on other platforms.

Forgotten Games: Ihatovo Monogatari (SNESdrunk, 6 minutes)

With no enemies, no combat, and no game overs, Ihatovo Monogatari is barely a game at all. But there’s something captivating about its world, and a top-notch English patch means more people can fall under its spell.

Insert Coin, a new documentary about Midway Games, launches on November 25th. Find out more (and see the spine-rippingly good trailer) here: Toasty!


Re(?)Considered: Chou Gekijouban Keroro Gunsou - Gekishin Dragon Warriors de Arimasu! (Retronauts, 3 minutes)

A retrospective about a DS game made by former Klonoa devs that cribs from Warioland, Mega Man, Metroid, and Mega Man Zero. Though it’s on the easy side, the game looks like a blast.

The Project Trying To Put Every Single Super Nintendo Instruction Manual On The Internet (Kotaku, 5 minutes)

The SNES Manual Archive is doing great work, aiming to not only preserve Super Nintendo instruction booklets, but in a format that is accessible to everyone. This article looks behind the scenes at the tremendous effort made by a bunch of volunteers.

Anyone else feel like Taito dropped the ball on the Bubble Bobble franchise? (Reddit, 4 minutes)

Discussion about the current state of Bubble Bubble gifts us a great resource: a page detailing all the obscure ways to score points and power-ups in the games.

The Addams Family Retrospective (Hardcore Gaming 101, varies)

Just in time for Halloween, HG101 have completed their look back at the Addams Family video games. And if you’re in the mood for more spooky fun, the good folks at Reddit have got you covered.

Wrap up warm this winter with this quirky collection of retro video game jumpers:


Punch-out Doom (ModDB, PC)

The original NES Punch-Out!!, rendered in 3D in the DOOM engine. Crazy fun and an absolute knock-out (sorry).

Death Saw Challenge (, Commodore 64)

Similar to current Steam hit Disc Room, Death Saw Challenge sees you trying to avoid an increasing number of spinning blades to rack up a high score.

Final Fantasy II: A Threat from Within (Part 1 official release)

Years in the making, part 1 (of 4) of chillyfeez’s Final Fantasy II romhack is out. Described as a ‘magnum opus’, this sequel to the original Final Fantasy IV features new characters, skills, and more across a 4-10 hour runtime.

Shoot 'Em Destruction 3 (, Commodore 64)

Featuring six full SEUCK games, this digital compilation is bound to keep C64 fans blastin’ away for quite some time.

Seminal 80s Commodore 64 magazine ZZap! 64 has a snazzy annual out for 2021. Back it on Kickstarter here:


Every time I get a ring it changes the sonic game (Slope’s Game Room, 330 minutes)

A frankly bonkers attempt – over 5 and a half hours, Slope tries to finish the Sonic games, with the title he’s playing changing every time he collects a ring. Weirdly mesmerising.

Final Fantasy VII running on a wristwatch (Reddit, 1 minute)

Is FFVII the new DOOM?

Retro Console Hardware Price Guide (RacketBoy, 5 minutes)

RacketBoy has updated his definitive price guide for November 2020. Read it and weep (or cheer!) at those escalating TurboGrafx-CD consoles :-(.

I finished my 'Desktop Retro Buddy' It's a Retropie system and a monitor in one. (Reddit, 1 minute)

If Austin Powers had a video game system, it’d look a lot like this. Groovy, baby.