Thumb Punks 12.10.20


Happy Thursday! In this week’s retro gaming newsletter we’ve got Mario Kart, The Simpsons, Eternal Darkness, an amazing Street Fighter III article, and a choice NDS Metroidvania in English for the first time.

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Mario Kart Wii (Did You Know Gaming?, 10 minutes)

Bringing back fond memories for us, DYNG take a deep dive into Mario Kart’s Wii iteration. It touches upon the cancelled HD release, and gives us the humorous mental picture of Miyamoto recording bicycle sounds in Nintendo’s car park.

Eternal Darkness Sanity's Requiem - Fear of the Unknown (The Completionist, 19 minutes)

Props for this video’s intro, which had us scrambling for the remote control. Giving one of the Gamecube’s best titles a rigorous playthrough, Jirard from the Completionist hits upon what makes it a must-play.

Simpsons Games (Game Sack, 37 minutes)

As with many licenced franchises, The Simpsons’ video games veer from great to absolute stinkers. Yay for The Simpsons: The Arcade Game and Road Rage, boo for Bart vs The Space Mutants and its ilk.

Is Tuff E Nuff Worth Playing Today? (SNESdrunk, 5 minutes)

Street Fighter II had a slew of home console imitators in the early 90s, and Tuff E Nuff is, well, one of them. Not to say it’s bad, per se, but this might not be the hidden gem you’re looking for.

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Street Fighter 3: An oral history (Polygon, 40 minutes)

A knockout of an article, this is THE definitive history of SFIII. Featuring interviews will all the key players, it’s worth the (long) read.

Phantom Dust Review (Hardcore Gaming 101, 9 minutes)

With even the remaster somewhat forgotten, Phantom Dust is something of a lost classic. Combining an action-RPG with trading card mechanics, HG101 breaks down why it’s worth hunting down today.

Hostages: The original Rainbow Six Siege (Destructoid, 6 minutes)

Infogrames’ infiltrate-’em-up was a revelation in 1988, featuring 4 stages that play completely differently as you try to take down terrorists. We could never get past that pesky final level, though.

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From Below (Itch, NES)

Ward off a kraken in this Tetris variant with three different modes and some neat mechanics. It’s free, too, although you might be able to purchase a cartridge if you’re quick.

Ore ga Omae o Mamoru (Phantom Patches, Nintendo DS)

Fans of Metroidvanias, rejoice – a lost Japanese hidden gem has received a full English patch. Splicing the genre with visual novel elements, there’s also a trailer for the curious.

Star Fox - Scored Edition (Romhacking, SNES)

Did you like the scoring system in the Star Fox Weekend Competition? Get yourself on the leaderboard with this Star Fox hack that turns the adventure into a high-score attack (pkew-pkew!).

POOM (Itch, PICO-8)

Unbelievable – the original DOOM has been made to work with some low-specced devices, but this 6 stage port to the PICO-8 is on another level.

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Japan's Super Nintendo World Looks Amazing, Sure, But Also Kind Of Small (Kotaku, 4 minutes)

Pandemic permitting, Ninty’s new theme park looks like a must-visit in 2021.

UTAH JAZZ NBA schedule release (Utah Jazz, 2 minutes)

Apropos nothing, Utah Jazz gift us two minutes of pixel-art bliss, showing a real love for retro gaming. Aw, thanks, guys.

New Amiga Game 2020/2021: Scourge of the Underkind ** New In-Game Footage and Features** (Wayne Ashworth, 13 minutes)

Scourge of the Underkind is a top down shooter for the Amiga that gives us heavy Chaos Engine/Alien Breed vibes. While the game is not yet released, the new featurette is exciting stuff.

Here are some rare, never-before-scanned photos of Treasure’s Shinjuku office (John Harrison, N/A)

It’s always cool seeing behind the scenes of game developers, and these photos from c1992-1994 don’t disappoint.